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Codie Award – 2016 Best Customer Success Management Solution


We are grateful to be part of movement that is putting customers at the center of business strategies around the world. The business world is quickly emerging into a subscription based global economy with SaaS, cloud computing, and big data leading the disruption and innovation. The leading organizations of the future will shift their attention and strategies from pre-sales to post-sales retention and customer success.

With this movement, our mission to help companies around the world build relationships that last™ becomes core to business. Each day our team rallies around helping companies keep their customers happy and predict when they’re not. We’re helping organizations build their entire cultures around customer success. We know that we can only learn so much about about a customer pre-sales, but post-sales is a whole different story. The post-sales experience is where the mediocre companies get weeded out from the great companies.

We Celebrate Our Customers and Team

On Wednesday, May 18th, we all huddled around our monitors and our conference room table to hear the SIIA announce the winner of the 2016 Business Technology CODiE Award for Best Customer Success Management Solution. We listened with excitement. We’ve put in a lot of hard work, sweat, and tears into building a platform that helps our customers drive success with their clients. Their success is our success.

When we heard our name announced as the winner—we were all cheers. Our thoughts immediately went to our customers and our team. Each day we come to work to make our customers happy. We’re inspired each day by the opportunity to partner and collaborate with amazing customers who share our same vision of making customer success a core business strategy.

We envision a world where post-sales customer knowledge is centralized, streamlined, and shared in a way that provides the right insights to the right people at the right times to spark authentic and meaningful experiences that build relationships that last. This idea is not small—but huge, it’s the essence of our business, it’s the essence of life and it’s our focus, our mission. And why we come to work.

We thank you—our customers, friends, and ClientSuccess family.

Read our official press release about the news here

We are passionate about customer success and helping you succeed. You can download our latest customer success best practice eBook below:

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