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ClientSuccess Launches New CS100 Summit Logo

We’re excited to unveil the new logo of the CS100 Summit. The new logo incorporates our mission to build global customer success leadership summits with the best content, the best experiences, and the best connections. The CS100 Summit is the premier conference for customer success executives & SaaS leaders. Customer success leaders and SaaS executives come from all over the world to experience the magic of the CS100 Summit.

New CS100 Summit Logo Aspects

The Circle

The circle represents unity and alignment around successful customers. We believe customer success is not a department by a company culture. The CS100 Summit content, speakers, and experiences help leaders like you unify around the common goal of successful customers and the strong revenue retention that comes from that.

Mountain Peaks

In the middle of the circle, you’ll see three mountain peaks. For us at ClientSuccess, a mountain peak or summit represents the triumph overcome difficult things in business and life. The journey to the top of a mountain peak takes focus, learning, patience, tenacity, and perseverance. These attributes are also needed by customer success leaders and SaaS leaders as they build technology solutions, people, processes, strategies, and execution motion around creating world-renowned customer experiences.

Three Pillars that Form the Mountain Peaks

The mountains and peaks are formed by three lines or blocks. The three lines or blocks represent the three pillars of the CS100 Summit mission.

1. Content

The content of the CS100 Summit cuts through the fluff and gets to the heart of the challenges, issues, successes, and innovations of customer success and it’s development into a company-wide focus and strategy.

2. Experience

You will leave the CS100 Summit inspired by the experience. We define the experience as the location (views and vistas), the feeling of comradery,  the inspired content, and the new friend connections. We take this experience to heart and you will feel it as your attend the CS100 Summit.

3. Connection

You will make deeper professional connections by attending the CS100 Summit. These new friends will become part of your journey to become the best leader in customer success at your organization. You will also get to spend time connecting with nature and it’s beauty at Sundance.

We’re excited about the new CS100 Summit logo and what it represents. We thank all of the customer success executives, SaaS leaders, and vendor sponsors who have supported and believed in our vision since our first CS100 Summit in the fall of 2016. We are excited to bring you another great CS100 Summit this year. Thank you friends!

Experience It Now

Watch the CS100 Summit 2018 highlight video below. You will see the three pillars in action. Also, who gets to Zipline through the mountains at a customer success conference? You can at the CS100 Summit! Don’t get stuck in a boring conference hall.


What is the CS100 Summit?

The 4th Annual CS100 Summit will be held in beautiful Sundance, Utah, September 9-11, 2019, at the Sundance Mountain Resort. The CS100 Summit is the premier customer success conference that brings together top executives, leaders, and innovators in customer success.

The CS100 Summit provides customer success executives an exclusive learning environment with like-minded executives in a pristine location to create an atmosphere of inspiration, ideation, strategy, and real-world application around customer success.

How do I register?

The conference is for customer success executives and SaaS leaders. You can register here.

Do it today, there are only 100 spots and we’re half full with the conference 4 months away. Don’t miss out.

See you at the CS100 Summit in beautiful Sundance, Utah. One of my favorite places in all the world.

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