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Adopting a New Customer Success Platform? Here’s What You Need To Do For Long-Term Success

Although your team may still be working from home while managing customer accounts, innovation and forward momentum has not slowed down. If anything, many customer success teams are turning to new customer success platforms and solutions to better manage remote accounts and teams during these unprecedented times.

If your team has made the move to a new customer success solution, you may be facing a double-edged sword of options: on one side, there is the new solution’s ability to deliver optimal experiences to customers while on the other hand there is the reality of implementing and onboarding a new solution remotely. While both of these situations can be overwhelming, it’s important not to panic. After all, while your team will eventually be reunited in your office, your customer success platform should be a long-term, successful endeavor with customers, which means getting started on the right foot.

Here are three essential tips to keep in mind for long term success:

Tip # 1 – Don’t Lose Sight of Your Customers

Implementing a new customer success platform can be an exciting and overwhelming experience. Many leading solutions have multiple products and features available that are all dedicated to helping customer success teams deliver amazing customer experiences. While these features are engaging (and will more than likely be beneficial down the road) it’s important to not lose sight of your customers when starting off. Think about immediate customer needs first before building on with more in-depth product enhancements down the line. 

Tip #2 – Go into Onboarding with the Customer Journey in Mind

As a customer success leader for a SaaS-based organization, you know how stressful onboarding new customers can be when bringing value into the equation – so stressing out with your own implementation process is hardly desirable. As you’re going through the customer success platform implementation and onboarding process, make all of your decisions (and feature selections) based on your desired customer journey outcomes. This way, getting your customers up to speed  – even down the road – will be a breeze.

Tip # 3 – Start Tracking Metrics and Data from the Beginning

One of the biggest benefits of a customer success platform is the ability to track and report on detailed customer success metrics. Instead of having to hunt down data across multiple platforms, anything from adoption rates to engagement cycles can now be available with the click of a button. Just don’t wait! When you kick of your customer success platform implementation process, make sure data tracking and reporting is number one on the to-do list so that nothing is lost down the road. 

If you’re thinking about implementing a new customer success platform to help manage customer accounts during these uncertain times, let’s talk! The ClientSuccess team is standing by to help answer any of your questions and to help guide you in the best direction for your team and your customers. You can learn more here.

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