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5 Ways Customer Success Teams Can Increase Productivity While Working from Home

While most of the workforce has been, well, forced to work from home over the last few weeks, many have had very real awakenings to the ins and outs of working from home on a daily basis. Instead of working from home once a week or having the flexibility of remote work as a company perk, WFH has become our new reality. For customer success teams used to going into the office, seeing coworkers on a regular basis, taking advantage of an office’s technology and resources, and being able to maintain a balanced work/home life relationship, working from home can become a little tedious – and a little distracting.

Here are five ways customer success teams can increase productivity while working from home: 

1) Know what everyone is working on and how you can help. Working from home is different for everyone, especially if your teammates have children or other dependents at home. Customer success leaders should make it a point to know what their team is working on, where they are ahead of the ball, and where they might need some help completing a project. This way nothing slips through the cracks for customers during this time.

2) Find the sweet spot for customer check-ins. Customer success managers might check in with their accounts every other week, once a week, or even once a day. With so much up in the air, it is a good time to rethink or reassess your customer check-in cadence. Some of your accounts might need a little more attention during this uncertain time, while others might have conflicting priorities and need a little more space. Opening up this conversation with customers gives your team the ability to identify which customers to focus on during this time.

3) Maintain a daily routine that enforces work/life balance. Working from home can be difficult for many people who find it impossible to ‘turn off’. When we spend all of our time in our homes, waking up, turning on the computer, and checking emails before we’ve even had a cup of coffee. Working from home doesn’t mean that you have to be constantly working while home. Setting WFH boundaries for yourself and for your team is critical. Instead, customer success leaders should work with their team to work out a daily routine to help separate the ‘work’ time from the ‘home’ time. 

4) Stay connected and on the same page. Now, more than ever, we as a workforce are seeing the importance of strong, reliable, scalable technology solutions to help keep us connected with our internal teams and with our customers. Having the technology necessary to engage with customers and stay on top of projects is critical for customer success teams, especially as customers are also dealing with the impact of remote work. With everyone spread out, find a single source of truth for your customers that is helpful for both customers and your internal team members. 

5) Set up social team events outside meetings. While working with customers and continuing to deliver amazing service should be your team’s number one priority, it’s also important to take into account the mental and social stress of this time. Set up weekly virtual happy hours with your team or do a team lunch over video call. Just because your team is remote doesn’t mean you should let personal interaction slip by the wayside – in fact, it’s actually that much more important to ensure people feel engaged and connected to their teams.

At ClientSuccess, we’re closely monitoring the ongoing COVID-19 situation and how it is impacting customer success teams. Stay in the loop on our resources by checking out the ClientSuccess blog here.  

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