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4 Leading Female Marketers That Thrive On Customer Success

In article from marketing guru Gina Stengel last year in Forbes it’s quoted, “Women have become the power-users of technologies, such as the internet, mobile, and social media.” In our latest eBook, we featured four of these female power-users, all trailblazers at leading-edge SaaS companies.

We learned about several strategies and programs these marketing power-users have focused around customer success, how valuable customers are to their organization’s mission and goals, and what resources they have dedicated to focusing on their customers. Here are a few highlights from the feature.

Gina Mueller @gina_mueller
Gina Mueller is the Director of Marketing at Insightpool, where she leads a team of marketers focused on building a world-class brand and fueling growth for the company’s sales teams.

Gina uses Insightpool’s unique company culture to inspire and engage with clients. Gina states they engage customers as part of their Insightpool family, building camaraderie from day one. Insightpool CEO Devon Wijesinghe welcomes all new clients by introducing himself as “captain of the swim team” in their company welcome email. Included with the message is a Customer Success Toolkit site, which serves as a one-stop shop for new customers on all things digital marketing.

While this campaign is a great reflection of their brand, Insightpool does this to let customers know their success and partnership is always a priority.

Nicole DelMastro @itsmenicole
Nicole DelMastro is the Director of Marketing for CloudOne. In Nicole’s current role, she leads all aspects of CloudOne marketing, public relations, culture development, and philanthropic efforts.

At CloudOne, Nicole shares that customers are at the heart of the company. In addition to quarterly health reviews, Nicole has her team execute on several new customer-focused initiatives like an on-boarding welcome campaign, community forums, virtual roundtables, a customer newsletter, a Customer Advisory Board, and customer loyalty and referral programs.

With every new initiative, Nicole makes sure to identify KPIs (key performance indicators) that are centered on the customer, “The only thing that makes us relevant is the experience we’re providing the customer each and every day. Our main job is making customers look like heroes.”

Teresa Becker @teresabay
Teresa is the owner of Teresa K. Becker Consulting, an independent marketing consulting company helping B2B technology companies across marketing specialties including: demand generation, messaging/positioning, and global and product expansion.

A seasoned marketing consultant, Teresa has built her business on customer-centric programs. Field marketing is an area where Teresa has found huge success, and she credits this to customer involvement, “Field marketing events are incredibly helpful in not only driving sales, but involving your customers.”

As a consultant her communication with customers is unique, as she doesn’t have many opportunities to meet with with customer success teams on a consistent basis. Making sure she’s in tune with customer success strategies, she prioritizes speaking with customers when working on campaigns, “I often times interview the customers myself for case studies—hearing their stories first hand and then articulating their story helps me understand what pain points they faced, how they overcame challenges, and how they’re growing. Understanding the customer point of view shapes everything that marketing creates (or should!)”

Nicole Ross @CreativeQB
Nicole is the founder and owner of Creative Quarterback, a digital marketing agency that offers organizations without sufficient internal marketing resources access to ‘big boy’ creative talent and project management. In addition to drafting and managing teams of freelance talent, Creative Quarterback acts as the single point-of-contact for branding, design, copy, web, video, photography, printing, and promotional products.

When we asked Nicole how often she interacts with clients, she responded with a smile, “99.99% of the time!” Nicole’s business helps strategize and plan the most critical parts to her clients’ business, so she’s in constant communication with her clients for project updates and ideas. Nicole recognizes that her business needs to operate at a level of quality and efficiency, but she doesn’t let that affect the importance of great customer service and interaction:

“Because of the nature of our business, and the fact that we operate without a physical office presence, the vast majority of client interactions take place via phone, email, and even text—not face-to-face. Our job as Quarterbacks is to learn (as quickly as possible) the channel, timing, and style each client prefers, then tailor our interactions accordingly.


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