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#1 Tip for Building Your Customer Success Process

2020 has been chock-full of twists and turns, and customer success managers have experienced their fair share of ups and downs. The customer success function has been thrust into the spotlight at many SaaS organizations, and the health and sentiment of customers is now a company-wide initiative for many teams.

With so much focus on customer success, many organizations are looking for new ways to invigorate and streamline their customer success processes. Whether your team is looking to put a new customer success process in place or if you’re ready to take your current processes to the next level, now is the perfect time to take this strategic step forward. 

The #1 tip for building your customer success process: Transparency and Visibility

Over the last few months, CSMs and account management teams have been asked to pivot or change directions so many times it is hard to keep straight. With multiple clients dealing with so many different changes and issues, CSMs have had to perform miracles with their workflows and project management tools. This is why our number one tip for building a successful customer success process is that transparency and visibility are foundational elements in any customer success process. The changes aren’t over, and clear organization is more critical now than ever before.

Here are a few reasons why transparency is so important in the customer success process: 

  • Customers are more confused than ever before, as their internal teams are also going through several changes that can impact business. Having clear processes both helps your team manage customers easier while also helping your customers themselves understand what they need to do to see value with your solution.
  • With all of us dealing with so many external factors, there is no certainty in account management. Your fellow CSMs may need to take time off work for personal reasons and covering accounts with clear notes and next steps is infinitely easier than just jumping on an account in progress with no context.
  • There is more competition than ever. Customers are dealing with internal budget restrictions, which means that no account is a guaranteed renewal. With so much competition, your team must be on the ball 100% of the time to ensure you’re delivering the best possible experience possible to customers.
  • There are a ton of different success metrics for CSMs to use and keeping track of all of them in a single, easily accessible place makes it easy to determine customer account health with just one glance.

 How ClientSuccess makes the customer success process transparent

More and more customer success teams are doubling-down on their service offerings this year, which means investing in the right tools and resources for your team. With a dedicated customer success management platform like ClientSuccess, CSMs can seamlessly manage customer implementations, projects, and accounts without worrying about confusion or uncertainty. 

All customer data is stored in a single place, making it easy to access notes, emails, project plans, next steps, and even customer sentiment data at once. Plus, customer success team leaders can easily see the health of accounts at a single glance for clear accountability.

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