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Returning to In-Person Customer Success Meetings? 5 CSM Keys to Remember

The last fifteen months have been a whirlwind of Zoom backgrounds, instant messages, and lengthy email chains with customers. Although most SaaS companies are still operating remotely, the signs are pointing to a return to offices. While this means you’ll be able to work in a closer capacity with coworkers, it also means the return of in-person customer meetings.

Here are five keys to remember if you’re returning to in-person customer success meetings soon:

1. In-person meetings, especially those with clients, require clear goals and agenda items. 

You’re asking multiple people to take time out of their daily schedules, travel if necessary, and sit down for an hour or more to discuss your vendor partnership. The value of the meeting must be explicitly clear to all involved and warrant an in-person meeting. Some examples of this include annual reviews, project kick-off meetings, or renewal conversations.

2. Get as many stakeholders in the room as possible to be successful. 

One perk of virtual meetings that we may take for granted is having as many people online as possible to get things done. While it may be harder to get this many people into a room together for in-person meetings, you should still prioritize having as many stakeholders and/or critical heads in the meeting as possible. This way, you can be sure that a meeting will be successful and that decisions will be made. 

3. There is still room for hybrid meetings. 

Even though things are returning to normal at a pretty brisk pace, some people may not entirely be ready for in-person meetings. This could also apply to companies that are transitioning to a full-time or partially remote work environment. Moving forward, all of your in-person meetings should have some virtual component or option so that, as previously discussed, all the right people can attend if possible.

4. Follow-up notes and remarks are more critical than ever. 

In virtual-first meetings, it’s not uncommon for people to be working on action items as they’re being discussed. While in-person meetings may hold people’s attention (not as many opportunities for multi-tasking), it’s common for people to walk out of a meeting and move on to the next item on their calendar. So sending out follow-up communications, notes, and next steps will be essential to keep people on track.

5. Use this as an opportunity to show value and move your customer relationship further. 

Your customers probably haven’t had any big external in-person meetings in the last year either, so hosting or attending a customer meeting will be a big deal for both parties involved. CSMs can use this opportunity to highlight the ongoing value of the partnership, remind customers of why they’re partnering with your team in the first place, and put faces and personalities to names.

Is your company transitioning to in-person customer meetings?

ClientSuccess helps CSM teams monitor customer engagement and identify key metrics to move customer accounts forward. As your team starts meeting in person with customers again, ClientSuccess can allow your team to show value and highlight customer wins. You can learn more about ClientSuccess with these additional resources:

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