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Customer Success as a Culture: Product Leaders Edition

How do innovative product leaders contribute to customer success in their company? If one thing is certain after we completed the interviews in our latest ebook entitled “Customer Success as a Culture: Product Leaders Edition“, it’s that products, teams, and companies are only as successful as the customer. To the product leaders highlighted in this ebook, their customers are the most important asset they have—they learn from them, grow from them, challenge them, and innovate with them . We’re excited to share with you the unique views and approaches that each of these highly-regarded product leaders hold to in their roles. But no matter how different some of the views may seem, we believe you’ll see a common theme throughout: these companies are innovating around the idea that customer success is a culture.

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts . It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better .” ~ Jeff Bezos

In this ebook, learn from 8 esteemed B2B software executives that strive to ensure their products are built with the customer at the forefront. Get insights, tips, and advice from the following leaders:

  • Eric Prugh, COO, PactSafe
  • Joanna Milliken, Sr. Director Product Marketing, Monetate
  • Matt Coffman, VP Product, High Alpha
  • Kat Archibald, Head of Product, Degreed
  • R.J. Talyor, VP Product Management, Geofeedia
  • Ryan Warren, VP Strategic Solutions, Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Susan Marshall, CEO, Torchlite
  • Wade Shearer, VP Product and Design, ClientSuccess



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Customer Success as a Culture: Customer Success Leaders Edition

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