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Get excited for the first annual CSM Summit!

All the details can be found at

We know there are great events out there built for customer success executives but where is the love for front-line CSMs!?

Now we have an answer for you 😄 ! The first annual CSM Summit, put on by ClientSuccess 🎉!

The “CSM Summit” will be the first virtual event put on by CSMs for CSMs. We’re going to bring together tons of front-line CSMs to share ideas and learn what others are doing to level up their game!

Who is this event for?

Anyone that’s on the front line of customer success and trying to up their game: CSMs, Account Managers, Relationship Managers, Client Managers, etc. If you’re looking to drive long-term success for customers, then this is your place!

Who is speaking at the event?

See all of our latest speaking lineup at  

When is the event?

This is an all day event on Wednesday, April 28th, starting at 11am Eastern / 8am Pacific.


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