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ClientSuccess Case Studies

Learn how customer success leaders are making positive organizational impacts, solving real business challenges, and building cultures of success using ClientSuccess.

Mural Transparent


  • Saves days of work each week with comprehensive lifecycle management program
  • Helps document challenges across the user journey and make them transparent to stakeholders
  • The leadership team looks at ClientSuccess as a way to provide coaching to the Customer Success Team

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Plumvoice Logo

Plum Voice

  • Decreases churn by 70% with ClientSuccess
  • Improves communication with customers
  • Has a full view of customer lifecycles

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Addshoppers Logo


  • Increases revenue retention from 90% to 103% with ClientSuccess
  • Turned the customer success department into a profit center
  • Increased logo retention from 85% to 93%

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Beyond Insurance Logo1

Beyond Insurance

  • Decreases time to adoption from 1.5 years to 6 months
  • Consolidated customer data into a single location
  • Leverages PulseTM and SuccessScoreTM
  • to provide a consistent customer experience

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