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2018 CS100 Summit Recordings

View a collection of 14 recordings from the 2018 CS100 Summit

This resource includes recordings to the following presentations:

  • Customer Success as a Strategy (Dave Blake, ClientSuccess)
  • The Positive Outcome of Perseverance and Grit (Noelle Pikus Pace, Olympic Silver Medalist)
  • The Outcomes of Customer Obsession (Gibbson Biddle, Netflix)
  • Salesforce to ServiceNow – Lessons Learned (Dean Robison, ServiceNow)
  • Unifying the Customer Ecosystem (Nicolle Paradise, ADP)
  • Account Behavior Formula (Ben Winn, SeamlessMD)
  • Beyond Proactive – Anticipating Customer Needs (Kristen Hayer, The Success League)
  • One Question that Will Change Your Customer Success Strategy (Greg Daines, Client Velocity)
  • Freedom and Control for Customer Success Leaders (Nils Vinje, Glide Consulting)
  • Radical Change: Strategic, Tactical, and Human Elements of Massive Customer Success (Peter Armaly, Oracle)
  • Customer Centricity Electricity (Julie Hogan, Drift)
  • Scaling Customer Success Your Way (David Sakamoto, CISCO)
  • Linking Customer Satisfaction & Employee Engagement (Mary Poppen, Glint)
  • Framework for Customer and Life Success (Lonnie Mayne, Red Shoes Living)
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