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Why Choose ClientSuccess?

Amplify your team’s performance by using the ‘easiest to implement’ and ‘easiest to use’ customer success solution on the market.

Easiest to Implement Customer Success Solution

ClientSuccess was designed to help you get up and running quickly so you can get the fastest time to value. With a series of pre-built integrations with key systems (e.g. CRM, Email, Support, etc.), your integrations are now a simple point-and-click.

Also, by focusing on the fundamentals of customer success we deliver a streamlined and beautiful solution that your team will actually use.

I like how easy it is to implement and how simple the layout is, it doesn’t take very long at all to get up to speed. The product is not overly complicated, making it much easier for our team to adopt. 

-Fran Beckley, Head of Client Services @ SourceBreaker [G2 review]

Easiest To Use Platform In Customer Success

Once you’re through implementation, your team will love using ClientSuccess day to day because it gives them everything they need to deliver customer success simply and easily.

It’s intuitive and feels like it was built by people who have been in the customer success field. Some tools feel like a chore to integrate into your process and learn how to use, not this one.  If you want a tool that’s easy to use, highly effective, and with a great customer success team of their own … look no further. 

-Ashley Lively, Senior CSM @ TinyClues [G2 Review]

No Additional Admin/Ops Role Required

Many customer success solutions out there require you to hire a full-time system admin to support and maintain the software, not ClientSuccess. We’re built so that your existing team can run the system smoothly without needing to spend more money on a full-time admin.  

I appreciate how easy to use and manage ClientSuccess is, it doesn’t take a full-time admin to maintain. The customer pages are easy to navigate … and the overall interface is much easier to use than other similar systems.

-Martin Call, VP of Customer Success @ CallTower [G2 Review]

Easiest Admin
2020 CODiE Award Winner
Everything You Need to Supercharge Your Growth

While simple and easy, our award-winning platform delivers everything you need to supercharge your retention/growth and manage your customer journey (Onboarding, Adoption, Renewals, Growth).

As a customer success leader, I can’t imagine us managing the health and wellness of our book of business anywhere else.

-Abby Borden, Director of Client Experience @ Cordial

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