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Customer Success Journey

ONBOARD | Adopt | Renew | Grow

Onboarding sets the stage for the entire relationship

A great onboarding experience gets the customer fired up about your company and drives adoption, while a bad onboarding sets a poor tone for the relationship and makes it tough to drive Adoption and Renewal.

  • Smooth handoff from Sales to Customer Success
  • Identify customer’s desired outcomes
  • Gather key data points about customer to ensure desired outcomes
  • Guide the customer through the onboarding process
  • See product usage
  • Report on progress

Sales to Success Handoff 

Ensure your sales team transfers all relevant information over to the customer success team and confirm the customer’s Key Business Objectives (KBOs) for the relationship.

Define Key Milestones

Define Key Milestones and Actions

Using the KBOs, create an onboarding plan with all the key milestones defined and plan all that needs to happen to ensure customer success.


Import Customer Data

Pull in customer data from all your key locations (CRM, helpdesk, etc.) and see all customer interactions in one place.   

Import Customer Data
Bring in Product Usage Data

Send Product Usage Data from Your App to ClientSuccess

Monitor how your customer is actually using your product and use that as an indicator of how well they’ve been onboarded. 


Ensure Your Onboarding Process Stays on Track

Keep your onboarding team organized by knowing who on your team is assigned to manage each step of the onboarding process and when each task is due.    

Build process
Onboarding Progress Report

Report Onboarding Progress to Leadership

Keep your entire company up to speed on the progress of your onboarding customers.  Identify any bottlenecks that are slowing down onboarding and then take action to solve them.

ONBOARD | Adopt | Renew | Grow

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