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Customer Success Journey

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Add more value and identify which accounts are primed for Growth

Whether your CSMs or a separate team manage up-sells and cross-sells, give everyone all the right insights they need in order to approach customers with the right message, at the right time.  

  • Monitor Product Usage trends to identify growth opportunities
  • Research NPS responses so you know the customer’s state of mind
  • Avoid landmines by monitoring any relevant support tickets
  • Send customer insights directly into your CRM
  • Use all of these insights to more accurately forecast revenue growth

Monitor Product Usage to Identify Growth Opportunities

Usage data informs your teams which accounts are high users and could be more receptive to learning how you can bring them additional value.



Product Usage

Use Customer’s Feedback Score to Decide When to Upsell

Use your customer’s NPS scores to avoid calling into unhappy customers to try to grow their accounts before they’re ready.  


Be Aware of Outstanding Issues

Review most recent support tickets to make sure all outstanding issues are resolved before attempting to grow the account.  


Deliver Customer Insights to Your Team – in Their Preferred System

Whether your growth team lives in ClientSuccess or in your CRM, use our seamless CRM integrations to sync all customer insights and revenue opportunities between ClientSuccess and your CRM.  


Roll up an Accurate Forecast Enriched with Customer Data

Rather than relying on hope to drive your growth forecasts, pull all your customer data together so your forecasts are more informed and accurate.  

Forecast Accurately

Onboard | Adopt | Renew | GROW

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