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Finally Get All of Your Most Important Customer Data in One Place

Using deep integrations with your key systems, we bring everything you need to do your job into one place.  No more logging into your CRM, help desk, project system, billing, data warehouse, and three spreadsheets just to find out what’s going on with a customer.  

Data Consolidation
Be Proactive. Not Reactive.

Get out of ‘reactive mode’ and stay on top of your customers by knowing everything that needs to happen at each stage of the lifecycle, whether they are in onboarding or preparing for a renewal. Create well-thought out playbooks to make sure all of your customers are receiving the same level of excellent service.  

Never Get Blindsided by Bad News Again

Instead of waiting to hear bad news when a customer sends in a cancellation notice, you can constantly stay up-to-date with customer health and get alerted before anything goes wrong.  Tailor your notifications and get notified when a customer’s usage drops, or set reminders to check in with customers regularly.

Always Be Prepared for Your 1-1's and Other Leadership Meetings

Show your manager that you have control over your book of business by detailing all of the problems/opportunities with each of your accounts, showing your plan of action, and sharing what help you need from them.  

Become a Rockstar CSM

Leverage our team of expert CSMs and our well-recognized educational content to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices so you’re always a step ahead of the game.

Case Study:


MURAL creates a comprehensive customer lifecycle management program and saves days of work each week with ClientSuccess

  • Helps document challenges across the user journey and make them transparent to stakeholders
  • The leadership team looks at ClientSuccess as a way to provide coaching to the Customer Success Team
  • Saves days of work each week with comprehensive lifecycle management program
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