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Simply Powerful, Powerfully Simple.

So easy to use, you’ll see customer success in no time at all!


ClientSuccess has the easiest, most powerful features to enable your organization’s customer success faster than any other solution


All conversations in one place. Foster relationships with the right people and the right frequency. Plus, no more BCC or cut-n-paste with our Gmail and Office 365 integration.


Stay up-to-date on the health of each of your customers and share updates with your entire team in real time.  Integrate Pulse with your Slack/MSFT Teams so your leadership team sees all key customer updates in real time.  


Deliver a consistent customer experience by defining, managing, and measuring your methodology for driving success. 

 Revenue Management

Get more predictability into your revenue by managing everything in one place (subscriptions, renewals, expansion, etc).  Then use customer health and feedback to drive more accurate forecasts.

 Contact Management

Streamline insights and communications by keeping track of key contacts, users, and executive sponsors.   See individual usage metrics, feedback scores, and communicate with key people directly.


Always have an objective view of customer health with weighted scores that incorporate customer usage, adoption, feedback, engagement, sentiment, etc.

CRM Syncing

Seamlessly sync all of your customer, contact, and revenue data with your CRM (SFDC, HubSpot, Zoho, Pipedrive, etc).  This allows your entire company access to the most important customer intelligence so they can take action. 

 Support View

Give your team insight into each customer’s support tickets immediately when your customers reach out for help and follow it through to resolution.


Never fly blind again. Get real-time visibility into the health of your subscription revenue, customer health, risk factors, and other key indicators.


Make your team more effective by standardizing tasks and automating email communication to targeted customer segments.  This allows your team to deliver the right message, to the right contacts, at the right time.  


Get ahead of any customer issues by notifying your team about any potential issues with a customer.  

 Product Usage

Know who is using your product and how engaged they are. With ClientSuccess Usage you’ll have immediate visibility into product usage for each of your customers.

Single Sign-On

ClientSuccess supports single sign-on to enable enhanced security via Google, Okta, Microsoft Office 365,  Microsoft Azure Active Directory, or any other provider that supports OpenID.  


Native NPS application enables you to get feedback from your entire customer base in real time. Use this information to determine customer health, renewal forecast accuracy, and validate product roadmap decisions.

Slack Integration

Drive collaboration and inform your entire team at key moments in the customer journey. Also share NPS feedback with the entire company in real time enabling everyone in the company to see customer sentiment.

Product Tour

SuccessCycle™ gives you the ability to manage your customer through their complete lifecycle, from onboarding, to adoption, to renewal, and long-term growth.  Define best practices and then build a process so that all of your customers get a consistent experience from your entire team.  


SuccessScore™ gives you an objective, multi-sided view of your customer health.  You can define the most important metrics that contribute to customer success (product usage, adoption, feedback, etc.) and alert your team so they can get ahead of potential problems.  

Pulse™ gives you the ability to share the status of the relationship.  With strategic relationships, it is vital that you marry the human side of the customer relationship (Pulse™) with the objective data-driven side (SuccessScore™).

Scale your team and never lose track of customers.  Engagements gives you one central location to log all notes, emails, activities, and documents so you can easily access the most important conversations with your customers.

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