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Settings and interface changes

  • Individual settings screens have been collapsed into a menu item called “Settings.”
  • The user management screen has been renamed to “Team.”
  • Segment management is now it’s own screen (instead of a tab under “Clients”).
  • “Apps & Integrations” has been renamed to “Integrations”
  • Account management has been broken out into three individual screens: Profile, Change password, and Email integration.
  • You can now drag and drop a file to add or change your profile photo.
Client records
  • If you have integrated with Salesforce, the Salesforce Account ID field is now required. This means that you will need that value in order to manually enter a new client or to save a client that was missing the ID before this change. This article explains where to find the Salesforce Account ID.
New sign-in screen
  • Some of you already saw this last week, but we have now officially launched a new sign-in screen.
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