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Refreshed Overview Report and Other Updates

We’re excited to announce a few quick product updates that drive our mission to provide the insights and experience you need to deliver customer success.

Refreshed Overview Report

  • Simplified revenue metrics, with a focus on recurring and contract value
  • Book of business metrics, including active clients, assigned CSMs, average ARR / MRR per client, average ARR per CSM, and average clients per CSM
  • View into the Current Pulse Health by Client Count chart, with shortcut link to view Client Pulse Summary Report

Engagement Window Pop-out

  • We’ve added the ability to, when on a client record, pop out phone call or meeting notes in the engagement module
  • This allows you to share just the engagement note if you are on a screen share with customers

New Usage Metric Available for SuccessScore

  • Whereas you could only utilize 7, 30, 60, and 90 day changes (percentages) as part of a SuccessScore profile, you can now include 7, 30, 60, and 90 day totals (numbers)
  • Now, instead of tracking just the usage trends, you can also track targeted goals your team might have for usage event totals

New Gmail Authentication Process

  • We’ve recently completed Google’s newly instituted 3rd party app verification process
  • To allow *new* ClientSuccess users to authenticate their Gmail accounts to ClientSuccess, your Gmail domain administrator must install our new Google ClientSuccess app
  • Users will then authenticate as normal, under My Settings > Email Integration in ClientSuccess
  • While this is not required for *current* customers, we  recommend all clients on Gmail to install the app as soon possible

We hope you enjoy these enhancements and encourage you to check out our knowledge base, reach out to Support, or contact your CSM with any questions.

The ClientSuccess Team

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