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Refreshed Engagement App, Subscription Updates, and Other Enhancements

Refreshed Engagement App

We’ve made several enhancements to the engagement app, including:

  • Editor tools are now always visible
  • Editor window is about 20% larger, giving a greater focus on the content within the engagement app
  • Improved spacing and readability
  • General app performance

Subscription Updates

To better consolidate global settings, we’ve moved the Subscription settings under Apps & Integrations. Admins now have more clear management over revenue configurations. For example, you can (1) set your default metric, (2) enable multiple products for the same subscriptions, (3) have subscriptions be read-only, and (4) edit the label of the subscriptions app.

NoteThis screen is managed and accessed by those with admin privileges. 

We’ve also introduced Annual Contract Value (ACV) as a default metric, as well as surfaced ACV and Total Contract Value (TCV) in the subscriptions app. These two metrics consider one-time revenue.

Other Enhancements

  • Expanded contact cards
  • Updated Apps & Integrations settings UI
  • Performance enhancements on the Alerts page
  • When creating a to-do, pressing shift + enter starts a new line within that to-do; pressing enter creates a new to-do
  • The clients tab bar is always visible as you scroll on a client record
  • Closing the last client tab in the tab bar will take you back to the clients screen
  • The “Mark Stage Complete” button is now disabled after it’s been marked complete
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