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Refreshed Client Record Header

On April 17th, we released some changes to the client record header!

Here’s what was refreshed:

  • Client Custom Fields Moved to Header – Client custom fields were moved into the client record header, just under the client name.
  • Client Custom Fields Module Removed – Because of the above change, we removed the client custom fields module (previously located on each client record’s lower right-hand panel).
  • Stylistic Changes – We included some minor stylistic changes as part of this refreshed header. For example, client status and source system link (if applicable) are now be displayed next to the client name.

Things to Note

  • Primary revenue metric is highlighted in the refreshed client header. All other revenue metrics (MRR, ARR, TSV, TCV, ACV) can be viewed in the Subscriptions App.
  • Client custom fields are be displayed in the header per the order they were created.
  • For now, re-ordering of client custom fields require a request (with order preference) to our Support.
  • Refreshed client record header can be expanded by clicking on the caret icon, located at the bottom of the header.
  • Client custom fields now require you to click “Edit Client Details” in order to make edits.
  • “Manage Client Details” available as a shortcut to Global Settings > Client Custom Fields (permission restricted).

We’re excited for this enhancement and encourage you to reach out to Support or your CSM with any questions!


The ClientSuccess Team

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