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Recalculate SuccessCycle Due Dates

What we enhanced

Changing the SuccessCycle start date now gives you the option to recalculate the dues dates for all tasks (stages, activities, and tasks).

How it works

The recalculation is based on the “days due” time frame you can set up in the SuccessCycle templates from the app settings screen in ClientSuccess.

You will need to have “days due” time frames set up on your SuccessCycletemplates to benefit from the recalculation enhancement. Also, make sure that clients have active subscriptions and renewal end dates.

To recalculate a SuccessCycle, all you have to do is go to a client’s SuccessCycle and change the start date. Once you OK the recalculation, all tasks (stages, activities, and tasks) and their days due will automatically be updated to reflect the new SuccessCycle start date.

Below is an example of how it works:

Benefit to you

This helps you quickly recalculate an entire SuccessCycle in one click which helps you keep your proactive lifecycle management strategy in motion with date changes that may occur. Previously you had to do this manually or had to submit a ticket to our tech team to make the change.

 Some awesome use cases

  • Want to push out or reschedule due dates in your SuccessCycle? Simply adjust the cycle start date.
  • Have you recently updated your SuccessCycle templates and want to true-up your existing due dates? Use the recalculate feature (just mark the cycle start date as the original start date, and you’ll be able to recalculate again).
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