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Productivity, Alert, and API Enhancements

We’ve been busy making enhancements to ClientSuccess. Here they are:

Productivity Enhancements

  • You can now attach files to to-dos
  • The to-do description field includes text wrapping
  • Admins can delete emails imported through Gmail and imap sync
  • Regular users can delete emails that were imported from their own account
  • The engagement module is now a rich text editor that supports improved copy and paste formatting from Word and Google docs
  • Ability to star and filter by starred contacts in the contacts module
  • One-click contact editing
  • NPS added as standard field on the client record. You can update this client detail from any NPS source via the API

Alert Enhancements

  • ClientSuccess will now alert you in-app on the client record when your email authentication is broken. This alert provides you with a link to get your email authenticated again
  • Additionally, ClientSuccess now sends you an email when your email authentication fails

API Enhancements

  • Custom field endpoints are now available in our public API
  • Subscription renew and terminate endpoints are also available in our public API
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