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New Revenue Growth, Growth comparison, and Renewal Performance reports

We have added three new reports, giving you better visibility into revenue growth and renewal performance. They come in a new report-builder format that allows you to choose any timeframe and are automatically saved. They can also be exported to CSV. This allows you to easily compare metrics from previous months, quarters, and years, re-run them with a single click, and to share the data.


Revenue Growth is similar to the existing Customer Growth report, but tracks month-over-month revenue instead of logos. Metrics include total subscription count, revenue retention rate, revenue churn rate, total growth, and average growth per month.

Growth Comparison tracks both logo and revenue retention, growth, and churn rates side-b-side. It also includes other important metrics such as MRR, ARR, TSV, non-recurring revenue, new monthly recurring revenue, and average monthly recurring revenue, but provides historical insights instead of just the state of things right now.

Renewal Performance shows you details numbers on how renewals are tracking throughout the selected period. In addition to knowing how much of the renewable book of business is closed versus still open, it provides a breakdown of upsell, cross-sell, downsell, and termination.

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