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Introducing Multiple Subscriptions for the Same Product, New Picklist Custom Field Type, and Other Enhancements

Introducing Multiple Subscriptions for the Same Product

Have you ever had a client with subscriptions for the same product(s), but different terms? Well, ClientSuccess now supports multiple subscriptions (line items) for the same product.

Benefits to You

The ability to add multiple subscriptions for the same product enables you to manage renewals of varying terms.

For example, imagine a client is subscribed to Product A for the term 1/1/2017 to 12/31/2017 and later purchases an additional 12-month subscription for Product A with a different term. If you’d like to track/manage the two subscriptions independently (and even renew them independently), you can now do that within ClientSuccess.

How to Make it Live + Getting Started

To activate this feature within your account, system admins or managers can go to Global settings > Subscriptions and toggle on “Enable multiple subscriptions for the same product”.

You’ll then be able to add multiple subscriptions for the same product as separate line items in the Subscriptions module.

Once Live, Here Are Some Things to Know

There is a difference between multiple subscriptions for the same product and adding an upsell to a current subscription. If you’re simply wanting to add to an upsell to an existing subscription, be sure to check out our midterm upsell feature.

Custom Field Picklists

ClientSuccess now supports picklists for custom field. To get started, add a custom field with the “Picklist” type. Simply name the field and enter options. Once created, you’ll be able to filter against this custom field using segmentation from the Clients Screen as well as make adjustments via inline editing.

Summary App Notes on Client Preview Card

We’ve updated our global search client preview cards to include the summary app notes.

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