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Introducing Multi-Select Picklist Custom Field Type, In-line Editing Enhancement for Text Custom Fields, and Performance Enhancements

Introducing Multi-Select Picklist Custom Fields

ClientSuccess now supports multi-select picklists for custom fields. To get started, add a custom field with the “Multi-Select Picklist” type. Simply name the field and enter options. Once created, you’ll be able to filter against this custom field (as an or criteria) using segmentation from the Clients Screen as well as make adjustments via in-line editing.

In-line Editing Enhancement for Text Custom Fields

We’ve enhanced the in-line editing for text custom fields. As you click into these fields, the cursor is now placed at the end of the text automatically. This makes it easier to add additional text.

Tip: Double-click to highlight the entire text.

Performance Enhancements

General performance of the app has also been improved to make ClientSuccess feel a little more responsive, including the clients screen.

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