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Introducing the New SuccessScore

Introducing the New SuccessScore™

We’re excited to introduce the new ClientSuccess SuccessScore. A new powerful way for your executives, managers, and CSMs to get more comprehensive insights into customer health, risk, maturity, and much more. With the new SuccessScore, your CSM teams can proactively engage with customers with precise actions based on customer health indicators and metrics.

Your Score, Your Way

It’s more than just a number, SuccessScore allows you to build out weighted scores based on configurable profiles that matter to you. The SuccessScore framework allows you to execute a consistent customer success approach to deliver alignment and visibility to your entire organization around every client. SuccessScore will give you key insights at your fingertips to help your CSMs deliver customer outcomes that drive renewals and expansion.

How Do You Get Started?

Please reach out to your assigned ClientSuccess CSM to gain access to the new SuccessScore functionality. They will schedule a call with you to get you set up, configured, and trained on the new SuccessScore methodology and its benefit to your customer success strategy.

Check out the SuccessScore Profle Basics article here

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