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Introducing inline actions

The Clients screen is great with it’s lightening fast search, filters, dynamic Segments, and a customizable display. But what if you could interact with your data instead of just looking at it? Well, now you can. Watch the video to learn more.

Inline actions

To the right of each client name, you’ll now find a menu that allows you to set the Pulse, add a new task, add a note, and log a call or meeting.

Most of the other columns can be edited directly as well, allowing you to:

  • View and update Pulse value, reason codes, and notes
  • View and edit all activities and tasks within the current SuccessCycle stage
  • Advance the client to the next stage in their SuccessCycle
  • Switch the SuccessCycle
  • View and edit the last Engagement (call or meeting)
  • Change Client Type
  • Change Client Status
  • Reassign a Client to another team member
  • Change the Assigned Sales Rep
  • Change the Client-as-of Date
  • Edit custom fields
  • Edit Salesforce fields


Filters upgrade

The filter options have received a major upgrade. You can now filter by “more than,” “less than,” “exact match,” “after,” “on,” “before,” “between,” “is unknown,” and “has any value” (as applicable to each data type). This allows you to create Segments with rolling dates, such as “90 days from now.” You will need to re-create your Segments with these new filters.
Enhanced Segments experience

Column visibility, column order, and sort order are now maintained individually for each Segment. The Segment name is now displayed prominently in the toolbar and includes the number clients in that Segment. There is also now a default Segment for All clients, providing a quick way to return to your full list.

You should also see some substantial performance improvements on the Clients screen. It should load much faster now and be more responsive. Consider hiding columns that you may not reference often for certain Segments (Usage especially) for additional performance gains.

The Alerts & Actions screen should be loading faster now (the number of alerts has been limited to the last 250).

The IMAP integration was also upgraded, improving the accuracy of the import.

The Contacts module on the client record is loading much more quickly (this primarily affected clients with a very large number of contacts).

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