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Introducing the Alerts & Actions screen

A lot of research, design, and engineering has gone into creating intelligent, actionable insights for you about your customers. You’ll find these in a new Alerts & Actions screen in the main menu. While you’re working throughout the day our system is keeping an eye on your customers as well and each morning, we’ll deliver a prioritized list of tasks that are the top items needing your attention. You’ll also find a new Alerts app in each customer’s Success Space, with alerts and actions to complete, specifically for them.


Utilizing these alerts will help you stay on top of each customer and not let anything fall through the cracks. Our advanced algorithm and behavior engine will monitor the health of each customer and raise a warning before an issue becomes a problem. As you continue to use the product, our system will learn and adapt to your style and the secret sauce that makes up your perfect customer.

Here are some examples of the types of alerts you’ll receive today:

  • Upcoming renewals 
  • Renewals that have past 
  • Customers that you haven’t contacted in a while 
  • Customers that are missing a contract 
  • Customers with a low ScoreCard 


Mark them off as you complete them, knowing at the end of the day that your accounts are in good shape. You can also snooze an alert if you must push acting on it out a day for some reason. We’ll be adding more alerts over time and enhancing the functionality to make this a powerful tool for you.

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