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Fresh new Engagement module

Today we’re excited to announce the release of a completely redesigned Engagement app that includes Gmail integration! This is huge. What’s better than a new, seamless tool for keeping track of your communication and interactions with your clients in ClientSuccess? Easy, having a copy of all your email to and from your client added automatically. No more copy and pasting. Starting today, those of you using Gmail will be able to synchronize all communication between your team and your clients—creating a complete, searchable engagement timeline.


The new Engagement app includes the following features:

  • New, side-by-side split-pane interface. 
  • Larger space for browsing messages and reading longer notes. 
  • Six engagement types: email, call, meeting, note, file, and Gmail. 
  • Automatic save 
  • Contact(s), subject, date, and note 
  • Edit, including back-dating interactions 
  • Push to Salesforce. 
  • As-you-type search
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