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Filter by Engagement Type in the Engagement Module

You can now filter by engagement type (calls, meetings, emails, notes, and files) in the ClientSuccess Engagement Module. This will help you filter by specific engagement types to help you stay on top of your proactive engagement strategy.

Some Awesome Use Cases

  • Want to see only the emails you’ve sent to a client? Now you can by checking the emails type filter.
  • Want to see the notes you’ve made on an account? Now you can by checking the notes type filter.
  • Want to know which meetings you’ve had with a client? Now you can by checking the meetings type filter.
  • Want quick access to the files you’ve attached to a client? Now you can by checking the files type filter.

Improved Search Functionality with Filter by Engagement Type

Once you’ve filtered by engagement type, the search functionality now gives you more relevant results. For example, imagine you want to search for the last time you spoke about a renewal with a client on a call. You can do this by quickly filtering to the calls engagement type and searching renewal.

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