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Faster loading, email import, and new usage event control

I hope that you’ve noticed the app being a little snappier and responsive. We’ve sped up loading times across the entire app by 1.4 seconds! This is a time when seconds really count. This improvement should be especially noticeable when working with large numbers of clients.

The email integration has also been enhanced. In addition to importing messages that are TO/FROM you and a contact…


…messages where you and the contact are both recipients will also now be imported…


This provides additional flexibility, but may also reveal messages you weren’t expecting—such as bulk mail sent to customers that you were also copied on.

And lastly, you can now choose to not have new events that are passed into the platform enabled automatically. This is helpful if you’re testing your integration or simply want to avoid disrupting your team with changes before they can be announced. This is a setting available to admins.


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