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Email alerts

Email alerts are here! We are thrilled to announce the release of the new ClientSuccess alerts engine. Starting today, you will begin receiving real-time alerts about new clients and to-dos.

The new alerts engine provides a foundation for some really exciting things to come. Unfortunately, I’m not going to spoil the surprise. Today, we launch with a set of real-time email alerts that will notify you…

  • When a new client is assigned to you.
  • When an existing client is re-assigned to you.
  • When a to-do is assigned to you.
  • When a to-do is re-assigned to someone else.
  • When the due date for a to-do is changed.
  • When the due date for a to-do is removed.


There are over 30 other alerts that we will be rolling out of the next couple weeks, to notify you of changes or risk related to Pulse, SuccessScore, Engagement, Contracts, Contacts, Usage, SuccessCycle progress, and support tickets.

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