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Edit client termination date

A “Termination Date” field is now visible when editing client details if the status is set to “Terminated.” The default is today, but you can change it before saving or at any time in the future.


A few notes about Terminating clients:

  • Terminated clients are not included on the Clients screen (main screen of the app).
  • You can access terminated clients from the Clients Settings screen.
  • Terminating a client is a two-step process. First, you should terminate all active subscriptions. Then second, you should set the client’s status to “Terminated.”
  • Terminated clients are considered “logo churn” and appear on the Customer Growth report.
  • Terminated subscriptions are considered “revenue churn” and appear on the Renewals screen (in the month or year of the subscription’s end date).
  • To “un-terminate” a client, locate them on the Clients Settings screen and pull up their individual record. Then, edit the client details by clicking the grey gear icon in the upper-righthand corner of the screen, and set the status back to “Active.”
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