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Announcing a new, customizable Clients screen and segments

I am honored to announce the most significant release to ClientSuccess since launch. This update is a major step forward and one that will have a big impact on the work you do. It will be rolled out tomorrow night, 9 January, late in the evening.

First, I need to set the stage by talking about your customers. We’re building a platform that will empower you to develop authentic, intelligent relationships with each of them individually. To do this, you need to be able to focus on the right customers at the right time.

Assigning a customer to a certain group is nice, but imagine if you could specify your own criteria and have clients automatically added or removed as conditions change. Imagine being able to define exactly what “at risk” or “renewing soon” means for your organization and then sharing that view with the entire team! How about including calculated values, custom fields, or Salesforce fields as criteria?

With the release of ClientSuccess Segments and a completely new, customizable Clients screen, now you can. (The manually-applied segments that existed previously in ClientSuccess have been renamed to Types and can be used as a criteria for these new Segments.)



On this new screen, you will be able to filter by standard fields, calculated values, custom fields, Salesforce fields, and selected clients. You can mix and match fields and include as many as you would like.

Available filters:

  • Standard fields (SuccessCycle, SuccessCycle stage, Last engagement, Pulse
  • Pulse set date, Type, Status, Assigned CSM, Assigned sales rep)
  • Calculated values (SuccesScore, Last touch, Usage, Renewal date, ARR, MRR)
  • Custom fields
  • Salesforce fields
  • Selected clients



We have included two pre-defined Segments: “Renewing Next 90 Days” and “At Risk.” You can customize these by changing the filter criteria or applying new filters and save them as entirely new Segments. Consider a Segment for clients At Risk with an ARR over 100k. Or, clients in your Eastern territory, in the On-boarding stage, and that you haven’t engaged with in 14 days.


Once you have created a Segment, you can share that with other team members so that you’re all looking at the same thing. As conditions change, clients will be automatically added or removed from these Segments. It’s live and always up-to-date.


View a video tutorial about Segments ›



By default, you’ll see the SuccessScore, SuccessCycle Stage, ARR, Renewal Date, Pulse, Usage, and Last Engaged Date. Most fields and values in ClientSuccess can also be enabled as a column and you can drag them into the order that is most effective for you. You can even enable custom fields and Salesforce fields as columns.


View a video tutorial about customizing the new Clients screen ›



And lastly, I have a few fun, not-so-obvious features that I hope will make you smile:

  • Start typing as soon as the screen loads to search for a client by name (including any portion of the name).
  • Sort by multiple columns, by holding down shift while you click.
  • Select multiple clients in a row by holding down shift during the second click.
  • Filter by selected clients to create a quick, ad-hoc to-do list.
  • Column visibility and sort order is automatically saved and maintained between session.
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