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Announcing global segments

Segments are now saved with your account instead of in your browser! This means that your same list of segments, including customizations to column visibility, order, and sort direction, will be available in any browser and on any computer. They are also now safe from clearing browsing data.

Admins can also now create global segments that are automatically available to everyone in your organization. This includes default column visibility, order, and sort direction. No more having to manually share and save segments with each member of the team—global segments will be there in the menu automatically for everyone on the team.

A new contextual menu has been added to the right of the Segment name, providing access to renaming, exporting, and bulk editing.


Select individual clients on the left to export or bulk-edit a sub-set of clients.


Your personal Segments can be deleted on a new Segments settings screen under “Your settings” in the main menu. Your old Segments will be listed here for your convenience, with the option to convert them to new segments with a single click.

We hope you enjoy this new functionality! As always, please reply with questions and feedback. We want to hear from you.

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