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Additional Tasks Screen Enhancements and Other Updates

Additional Tasks Screen Enhancements

In a continued effort to improve the tasks screen, we’ve enhanced the following functionality:

  • Emphasis on task name

  • Client name highlighted as a clickable link

  • SuccessCycle Activities and Tasks display hierarchy paper trail (ie SuccessCycle / Activity / Task)

  • Added item type icon to indicate tasks type; same icon added to “Show” filters

  • Swapped checkboxes for circles to better indicate the action of completing an item

  • Removed “•••” and replaced with “🗑”
  • Improved style of custom date selector
  • Added hover styles to editable items
  • General performance improvements

As a reminder, please check out other recent enhancements from last week’s Redesigned Tasks Screen and Task Management Enhancements announcement  🙂

Other Updates

  • Admins now have the option to send (or not send) an invite email when adding team members
  • Added a toggle switch for the Usage app under Global Settings > Apps & Integrations
  • Changed all “delete” flash messages to confirm dialogs (so you don’t have to race to confirm)
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