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SuccessCycle Enhancements and Salesforce Package Update

Hope all is well on the Customer Success frontline! We’ve been listening to your feedback about our new concurrent SuccessCycle capability, and our team has some enhancements for you:

SuccessCycle Enhancements

  • With the introduction of concurrent SuccessCycles, we’ve labeled “Primary SuccessCycle” and “Primary Stage (days in)” across the clients screen and when editing a client. Now there’s no more confusion as to which SuccessCycle you’re seeing on the home clients screen.
  • When you jump into a client record, the Primary SuccessCycle in the SuccessCycle app is tabbed on left and automatically emphasized, making it more clear which one you’re working on.
  • Concurrent SuccessCycle activities and tasks (with due dates) now show up under the tasks screen. These next steps and action items can help guide your proactive execution across concurring SuccessCycles.
  • When trying to add SuccessCycles to a client, the SuccessCycle dropdown list filters out previously completed cycles.
  • Users can now remove a concurrent SuccessCycles as needed.

Salesforce Update

  • For those utilizing our Salesforce Integration, we’ve made some minor updates and squashed some bugs. Be sure to have your admin install the update by following this link. (Note: If you haven’t updated in awhile or don’t know when the last time you updated, we’d recommend doing so now for a smoother Salesforce experience)
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