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Custom fields

Today we are excited to announce the addition of custom fields to ClientSuccess. If you have a unique attribute or piece of data that you need to keep track of for your clients, then today is your lucky day. The fields can be used for anything you need and will be displayed on each client record for easy access.
And, if you’re using Salesforce, then it gets even better. An update to our Salesforce app now supports real-time synchronization between ClientSuccess and Salesforce, including fields that are unique to Salesforce, and any custom fields that you have defined. Changes can be made in either platform and are immediately sync’d between the two.
Lastly, we have also added an option to export client and contract information from ClientSuccess (available on the Client Management settings screen).
Please note that the custom fields and syncing will require an update to the Salesforce app to be installed and for the custom fields to be enabled. We’re available to help complete this whenever is most convenient for you.
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