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Net Promoter Score (NPS)

NPS that works alongside all of your customer data


  • View all of your NPS responses all in one place (campaigns, sources, contacts, client types, etc)
  • Deep insights into how your key contacts rate you (Executive Sponsors, Champions, etc).
  • Sort and search through all comments to understand the full context behind the scores.

Survey Setup

Customize all messages/questions and decide whether to allow comments from respondents.



Preview how your survey will be displayed on multiple devices (mobile and desktop).


Campaign Stats

  • Create multiple campaigns to trigger surveys (Post Onboarding, Pre Renewal, etc).
  • Get rich insights into feedback from each of your campaigns.
  • Answer questions like, “How is our onboarding doing?”, ‘How strong are our renewals?”

Thank You Message & Settings

  • Display different ‘Thank you messages’ to your Promoters, Neutrals, Detractors, etc.
  • Throttle survey deployment so that your contacts don’t receive too many surveys at a time.

Client Page View

  • Allow each CSM to quickly view all NPS responses for each client, directly on the client page.
  • Track client NPS trends

NPS Over Time

Quickly see how your NPS results are trending on a Daily/Weekly/Monthly basis so you can report results.

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