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ClientSuccess for HealthTech

We're helping HealthTech companies ensure client satisfaction, so they can focus on helping all of us get through COVID-19

With everything going on related to COVID-19, Healthtech companies are now more crucial than ever. Many of you are managing relationships with strategic healthcare clients and  you need to make sure you have the best systems, processes, and collaboration capabilities in place to ensure the success of your clients.

  • Consolidate key customer data into one place
  • Finally build true consistency and compliance with key processes
  • Align customer data with revenue forecasts to improve accuracy
  • Use NPS to get survey results and collaborate with your team
  • Know your client data is safe & secure

“If you need a way to service your strategic accounts, definitely get ClientSuccess … We are able to build and track strategic account plans with actionable activities and tasks.  Their tools continue to evolve in new and interesting ways, and they are a top-notch team.  

Matthew B, VP of Client Success @ Central Logic 

Consolidate key client data into one place

Seamless integrations with your key systems allow you to get all of your most important client info into one place.  No more logging into your CRM, helpdesk, project system, email, data warehouse, etc just to get an updated view on the client. 

Import Customer Data
Build process

Ensure compliance and consistency with key processes

Build playbooks & checklists for each stage of the customer lifecycle to ensure your team knows exactly what to do and when to do it.  This allows you to provide a consistent client experience and drive compliance with all rules/regulations in your industry. We’ve seen several customer build COVID-19 specific playbooks to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.  


Use Customer Insights To Give Accurate Revenue Forecasts

Every dollar is critical right now, so accurate forecasts are now even more important.  With ClientSuccess Revenue Management you can improve your revenue forecasts by weaving in key customer data points like NPS & health scores.    

Renewal Forecast
Customer Feedback

Quickly Survey Customers To Understand Health

Understand your customer’s level of satisfaction with ClientSuccess NPS.  Gather and share NPS results with your entire team though a seamless Slack integration.  


Ensure all your customer data is safe and secure

Give your IT team comfort that your company is protected from IT risk.  ClientSuccess has invested heavily in security infrastructure, from maintaining SOC 2 / Type 2 certification, SSO/MFA, OAuth 2.0 protocol, encrypted data transmissions, all to make sure your data is safe.  


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