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Technical Support Engineer

Technical Support Engineer

  • Technology & Engineering
  • Lehi, Utah

Website ClientSuccess

ClientSuccess is revolutionizing the way SaaS companies manage, retain, and grow their existing customer base. We empower B2B SaaS companies to proactively manage post-sales customer relationships, measure customer health, maximize revenue retention and growth, and drive a culture of customer success.

ClientSuccess is looking for a Technical Support Engineer to join our team! We’re a team of product-focused, customer-obsessed, optimistic & just flat out awesome humans with GRIT. We have an intense hunger to win and “lead out” in all that we do. If that sounds like the team you want to work with and you have 1-3 years of experience as a support engineer, this opportunity is for you!

The Role:

  • Be the face of ClientSuccess’ Technical Support team, working directly with our customers.
  • Act as a liaison between customers, the Customer Success Managers (CSMs), Product and Development teams to manage the resolution of technical issues and help shape our product roadmap.
  • Continue to build and improve upon the existing Technical Support processes.
  • Maintain and update our Knowledge Base, a repository of informative articles about our products and best practices.

The Job:

  • Interact with customers primarily via email, but also over the phone and potentially chat, to diagnose issues and coach them on how to use the ClientSuccess platform.
  • Use proprietary and industry standard troubleshooting tools (MySQL, Scaylr, FullStory) to navigate and resolve issues, provision clients and pull reports.
  • Create, prioritize, and monitor comprehensive escalated tickets in Jira for the development team to work through and resolve.
  • Support CSMs during new customer onboarding; including their initial data load and subsequent sync/integration setups.
  • Maintain and update ClientSuccess’ Knowledge Base, write new articles as new product features are introduced, and update existing articles as the product evolves.

Why Should You Apply:

  • ClientSuccess is a true SaaS startup with some enterprise-level advantages. While we still have the small-team feel of a startup, we’re fully remote and offer perks like health-insurance, flexible PTO, role-appropriate autonomy, and detailed career-path development plans under the guidance of our award winning leadership group!
  • We take equal stock in both the skills and the personality of the people we hire. It’s not just “Can you do the job?”, but also “Will you feel at home at ClientSuccess?”. We want every employee to not only love working here, but we also want their co-workers to feel the same. This has resulted in a drama-free, collaborative, and positive work experience for ClientSuccess employees. The “New Hire” label doesn’t last long here and you will be able to contribute immediately.
  • We’re growing! This means a lot of growth opportunities for you as well. This is both exciting and presents a lot of opportunities to develop a variety of skills at work.
  • It’s unlikely you’ll ever be bored, and everybody plays multiple roles at ClientSuccess, picking up the slack wherever it’s needed. This means you could be tactically working with a customer one minute, and the next, be meeting with our CEO providing strategic feedback and insights about our customers, product, and company culture.

What We’re Looking For:

  • Strong background in Customer Service:
    • You’re An A++ communicator with high EQ. You’d put your communication skills up against anyone else’s. You understand that issue resolutions may take longer than we all would like but you never once leave your customer’s wondering, “where are they at??”
    • Our work is B2B, so you’ll be interacting with other business professionals who are generally understanding about issues that arise (many of our customers are SaaS businesses themselves, so they get it). This makes helping our customers have an enjoyable experience with a different approach from traditional B2C Customer Service.
    • So it’s important that you know how to develop a strong, professional relationship with our customers and maintain that relationship with them. You should strive to develop genuine empathy for them and their frustrations, pain points, as well as comprehensively understanding issues and/or questions.
    • We need someone who is ready to go to bat for our customers as well as takes great satisfaction in resolving their issues. In the end, you’ll take a pivotal role in helping us “Build Relationships That Last”
  • Technically minded:
    • Much of the technical skill needed to complete the work you’ll perform at ClientSuccess can be learned on the job. What we’re looking for is somebody who has an insatiable intellectual curiosity and loves taking DEEP troubleshooting dives to try to resolve issues on their own, learning along the way. Some issues can be quite complex, so even if your troubleshooting seems to have gotten you nowhere, we want somebody who is going to exhaust all of their resources before asking for help.
    • That said, you also know when your wheels are spinning and you’re not afraid to ask questions. No wasted time, no wasted motions.
  • Be curious:
    • You’ll be utilizing a number of resources to complete your work, from MySQL and our database and API, Integrated External CRMs (Salesforce, HubSpot, etc.), Jira, and Excel, to our own Knowledge Base and ClientSuccess platform themselves.
    • You don’t need to have a perfect knowledge of how all of these tools work, instead, we want somebody who gets excited about learning how they all work.
    • In the end, we want to help fuel your desire to learn and grow in your role as well as prepare for the next one. What you get out of this job will depend on your hunger to hone your skills and stretch yourself.

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