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Searching for New Customer Success Software? Start Here! 

In today’s modern SaaS landscape, customer-focused teams constantly look for new ways to innovate and grow. Usually, this requires organization-wide investment in people, processes, and tools to make this happen. As customer success departments have expanded in scope and role in recent years, customer success software has emerged as a critical investment for SaaS organizations looking to grow their bottom line, better support their customers, and set employees up for success.

Whether you’re investing in a customer success-specific platform for the first time, looking to expand your current tool’s functionality, or want to gain executive support for a new technical investment, here are a few things to focus on during your decision-making process: 

What is the impact?

A new tool requires investment in funds and resources. If you ask CSMs to learn a new solution and make it a part of their daily process, it better create a positive impact. How can this new platform move the needle with your customers? How does it impact critical metrics like growth, renewal rates, and customer churn? How can executives and CSMs alike take advantage of these newfound insights?

Look at the bottom line 

When it comes to getting sign-off for a new customer success solution or justifying a new investment on your team’s budget, it comes down to the bottom line: the numbers. Of course, big numbers like cost savings are critical, but what about other metrics driving customer satisfaction, renewals, and upsells? Being able to track platform engagement and usage rates, NPS and other qualitative satisfaction metrics, customer marketing results, and other insights – in a single platform – can help CSMs and other stakeholders build a holistic picture of customer health. This holistic picture can ensure everyone is making the right decisions for customers, which can truly impact the bottom line.

Internal and external results

The right customer success platform won’t just impact your customers and accounts. Instead, there should be internal and external impacts brought on by technology. From making CSMs more efficient at their jobs to delivering the proper data for better decisions, customer success solutions drive better internal results that influence external results. For example, when a solution gives a CSMs detailed insight into customer usage rates that are then shared with a customer, the impact is felt on both sides, and all parties can take action on this new information. 

Best customer success software = the best results 

Just as a department-specific CRM solution gives sales teams the tools and flexibility to do their jobs better, the right customer success software delivers the resources CSMs need to support their customers and make more robust, data-backed decisions. With a solution like ClientSuccess, CSMs, customer success leaders, and executives can uniquely take advantage of the insights and workflows necessary to see the right customer results. 

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