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Dreamforce #SuccessRace Recap & Chance to Win iPad Mini


Dreamforce 2015 was one for the books! In addition to the incredible learning, networking, entertainment and re-connections, our team at ClientSuccess hosted our first annual #SuccessRace around the Dreamforce campus. We hid 8 boxes packed with prizes like Apple iWatches, iPad Minis, Star Wars Sphero BB-8, Bose Headphones, Beats Headphones, Fit Bits, and so much more. Followers were given clues and then ran to where they thought the box was hidden – and the first one there was the winner!

While it was a blast watching everyone run to the prizes, we have a couple favorite memories:


Gabe Villamizar from @HireVue sprinting up the stairs to win the race and sacrificing his morning shake in the process. Now that’s real sacrifice! Oops!

Michael Hanks and Tyler Marshall from InsideSales on dead sprints for the box. Both hurdled a hedge of bushes and fought for the box. Michael won the box…or at least what was left of it. Needless to say we retired the shredded remains of that box.

Katie Rogers and Aly Meritt sprinting off mid-conversation, across the Dreamforce campus for a box. Unfortunately, they arrived just a few minutes too late, but fortunately they both qualified for the Olympic 400 meter race in Brazil.


Towards the end of the week, the ClientSuccess team had race participants actually following us around Dreamforce hoping to see us hide a box and get a head start on the race. As a result, the #SuccessRace team took to back alleys, Ubers around the block, and disguises to ensure no one saw a drop before the clue was given. Next year we’ll have to really go underground to keep things secret.

#SuccessRace By the Numbers:

  • 8 Prize boxes hidden in 8 locations
  • 8 winners
  • many runner-ups
  • Hundreds of #SuccessRace mentions on twitter
  • 1 spilled ice cream shake
  • 1 ripped box
  • 2 new Olympic hurdle qualifiers and 2 40 yard dash qualifiers
  • 1 photo sighting of Benioff holding a big blue box (photo credits to Adobe Photoshop)


Also, congrats to Jake McClean of Balihoo for winning a prize box for being our most active virtual participant. We wish you had been there in person, Jake, but thanks for your involvement in #SuccessRace from behind your desk!

Lookout Dreamforce 2016 because #SuccessRace will be back—and bigger and better than ever! But if you didn’t participate in the race this year or didn’t quite make it to the prize in time, don’t worry: Everyone that signs up for and completes a ClientSuccess demo between now and October 1st, 2016 will be entered to win an iPad Mini! Just sign-up for a demo and we’ll be in touch.

The #SuccessRace will be bigger and better for Dreamforce 2016, but you don’t have to wait until then to get involved. Keep a look out for the #SuccessRace at other events over the coming year in a city near you. You never know when or where the blue box will show up!

See you next year, Dreamforce!

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