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Does Your CSM Team Need a Post-Sales CRM?

For most modern technology organizations, there is a solution for everything. Over the last few years, one platform – Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – has reigned supreme as the ‘must have’ solution for marketing, sales, and operational teams. While CRM has traditionally been associated with pre-sales and sales objectives, many customer success teams are starting to look at post-sales CRM options to help address a variety of customer needs. From managing customer handoffs to tracking metrics and customer success data, the opportunities available with a post-sales CRM platform are many – but not everyone is convinced.   

Here are a few questions to consider when determining if you need a post-sales CRM for your customer success operations:

 1 – Are your customers experiencing any ‘bumps’ in the handoff between the sale and customer success stages?

One of the major reasons why CRM platforms have become so prevalent over the last few years is that customers(unsurprisingly) actually enjoy the results and attention that comes with a targeted, dedicated solution. Sometimes, moving from a clearly defined, automated sales process that a CRM can provide to a less-regimented onboarding process can throw customers off track. If your team is experiencing any bumps in the sales-to-customer success handoff process, then a post-sales CRM platform can help you efficiently and effectively fill these holes.

2 – Is your CSM team struggling with accountability or meeting project deadlines?

Customer success is notorious for juggling multiple plates and projects in the air at once. One of the more wide-reaching benefits of a post-sales CRM platform is the ability to assign, view, and follow open tasks across different teams and people. If there are multiple team members working on a single account, everyone can visualize who is responsible for what and follow up when necessary – dramatically reducing the risk of missed deadlines or due dates. As a manager, you can track all of these deadlines and reach out to those responsible without unnecessary back-and-forth via email.

3 – What kind of customer journey do you want to provide for customers?

The modern SaaS customer journey is quite notorious for being extremely right when it’s executed to perfection and extremely wrong when it isn’t planned out correctly. Although most customer success teams have a customer journey map in place to help guide customers towards value, actually reaching these outcomes isn’t guaranteed. A post-sales CRM solution can help your customer success team clearly outline each step in the journey, bring in the parties responsible, and track success towards these pre-determined goals. 

If you’ve asked your team any of the above questions (or if you’re looking for a way to deliver amazing customer success experiences to customers, then a post-sales CRM platform is the answer. You can learn more about whether or not a post-sales CRM platform is right for your customer success team, with ClientSuccess

Our team of post-sales and customer success experts can walk through your team’s unique needs, as well as your customer’s challenges, to determine what kind of post-sales solution is right for you.

You can learn more by requesting a personalized consultation here.

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