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Customer Success Tips to Conduct Your First NPS Survey

NPS, or Net Promoter Score, is one of the industry-leading measurements of customer satisfaction out there. This simple question, “how likely are you to recommend x product?” can help your team determine how satisfied users are, where your product fits in your competitive landscape, and more. There are multiple ways to conduct NPS surveys at both a high and user level. Here are some tips and tricks for conducting your first NPS survey:

  1. Collecting end-user data is critical. First and foremost, you want to collect survey responses from end-users. This means asking users who are using your product what they think.
  2. To collect this data, it’s best to use your platform to help collect surveys. Instead of sending out a separate communication to all of your end-users, use your product to help collect survey responses. This could be a pop-up, on-platform notice, or another kind of built-in notice that users will see when they login to use your platform 
  3. Make the survey engaging and easy to complete. Regardless of how you get users to see your survey link, it should be engaging and easy to complete. Try saying “let us know your feedback” or “what do you think?” to make it more attractive to users. Then, users should be able to complete the survey with just one or two clicks – no more.
  4. Give users a chance to provide more feedback if they want. While NPS surveys are one question and, for this reason, attractive to customer success teams and customers alike, sometimes users may have more feedback that could be of use. Once a customer submits their survey, ask if they have any additional feedback. If they do, provide a space they can provide open-ended feedback.
  5. Don’t forget about the customer teams you work with every day. Collecting end-user NPS data is critical to building a competitive NPS score. But it would help if you also asked the team contacts you work closest with daily to submit their version of an NPS survey. This can help you identify potential customer testimonials, referrals, and more.

Keep in mind

When it comes to collecting NPS scores from your customer teams at large, your customers are likely very used to completing NPS surveys for their vendors. They should be quite open to completing a quick, one-question survey like NPS. If for any reason, a customer is not open to completing your NPS survey, this could be indicative of a more significant issue at hand. What else is going on that may be impacting the score they would give you?

Want to learn more?

Conducting and collecting NPS surveys is a critical part of the customer success journey and can help ensure your customers are moving forward successfully. You can learn more about building strategic customer success plans with these additional resources from ClientSuccess:

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