Recorded Webinar: Customer Success Pitfalls to Avoid During the Post-Sale Process

Burke Alder

Customer Success Strategist

This live webinar is over and is now available as a recorded version.

You can watch the recorded version here.

Webinar Details

Aaron Fulkerson, CEO of MindTouch, interviewed Dave Blake, CEO of ClientSuccess, about the major mistakes to avoid in the onboarding process.

Register to watch the recorded webinar here: Customer Success Pitfalls to Avoid During the Post-Sale Process

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to approach post-sale lifecycle management with your customers
  • What approach to take to build the customer journey map
  • The best ways to drive adoption and show value after onboarding is complete

Your Presenters

Aaron Fulkerson is the CEO of MindTouch and a leading innovator in open-source & SaaS software. MindTouch has helped companies like Docker, Zenefits, and Zuora ensure their customer’s success and achieve hyper growth by revolutionizing the way companies engage customers through content.

Dave Blake is the Founder/CEO of ClientSuccess, a SaaS platform that helps customer success teams build relationships that last by giving them easy-to-use tools to proactively manage, retain, and grow their existing customer base. Dave is an industry veteran with over a decade of experience in the space, including leading global customer success teams for Adobe and Omniture prior to founding ClientSuccess.

Register to watch the recorded webinar here: Customer Success Pitfalls to Avoid During the Post-Sale Process

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