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Customer Success Innovations: Generate Renewal Reports in Seconds

Customer success innovations renewal reports

Many customer success leaders spend too much time acquiring information for renewal reports. These leaders spend hours or more gathering information from multiple sources, compiling the information, and analyzing it to create insights and trends.


Often by the time the information is gathered it is stale and needs to be updated again. This leads to wasted cycles and frustration. If you aren’t looking at data in real-time, your decisions will be less accurate. Spending too much time gathering information also limits the impact that you and your team can have on retention and growth.

Renewal Reports Should Help Answer These Questions

Customer success leaders need answers to questions like these at their fingertips:

“What is our renewable book of business (RBOB)?”
“Do we have any early churn or downsell?”
“What about early renewals and upsell/cross-sell?”
“What are we forecasting for our ultimate result?”
Perhaps most importantly – “Which accounts do we focus on to improve our ultimate result?”

With answers to questions like these available customer success leaders can strategically lead their team to improving renewals, increasing upsells, and mitigating loss.

Our Innovation Around Renewal Reporting

As we’ve listened to this challenge and thought about various ways to address it, we started with one goal—give customer success leaders and their teams real-time insights that only require a click to access. Insights so powerful they help a customer success leader know what obstacles stand in the way of successfully renewing each customer.

To enhance what’s possible with renewal management and to allow for a new level of effectiveness in renewing your customers, we’ve created renewal reporting in ClientSuccess.

“What is your renewable book of business?”

Renewal Reports in ClientSuccess

At any point in time, your renewals, as well as gross renewal, net renewal, upsell, downsell and others are displayed up-to-date and always available, concealed only by a single click on the “Renewals” button on the top bar of ClientSuccess. Knowing your renewable book of business is critical because it is the benchmark you are working against for the next period. Additionally, you will be able to filter the results for a company-wide view or by any user or team.

The Benefit

With the ability to look at renewals for any individual or team in any time frame, your entire customer success team will use ClientSuccess renewal reporting to improve retention and customer growth. You will clearly identify progress towards your goal and obstacles in your path, and your team will be able to clearly and decisively act to improve results.

ClientSuccess enhances your ability to influence renewals and your confidence about the end result will reach new heights.

Ask Yourself These Questions

“How much time and hassle might I save by always having renewal information up to date and immediately available?

“How much better will my team perform when we are all on the same page about renewals and forecasting?”

We’re Here to Help

At ClientSuccess our singular goal is to help you retain and grow your existing customers. Our renewals module is only a piece of our customer success platform. If you are spending too much time gathering renewal information, you’re definitely not alone and we are here to help. Schedule a platform product demo here.

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