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Customer Marketing: Part 4 – Engagement

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been exploring some of the different types of customer marketing initiatives that CSMs can own to deliver fantastic customer experiences. From building customer advocacy to creating customer-centric content to measuring and sharing customer sentiment, customer marketing programs can come in different shapes and sizes.

Today, we’re going to take a look at a fourth customer marketing initiative: engagement. Your customers can be your biggest advocates, your biggest cheerleaders, and some of your best resources for growth – if they’re engaged correctly.

Here are three customer engagement management initiatives that CSMs can own with customers:

1. Community

Your customers want to engage with your organization and your other customers, especially if there are things they can learn from these new resources. Your customer community provides an active channel to bring customers and companies together throughout the journey to help build champions at every step of the customer lifecycle. Communities can:

  • Provide a way to showcase the great work your customers are doing
  • Increase your value and visibility as a partner, not just a vendor
  • Facilitate learning and information sharing across your customer base
  • Help grow revenue

Communities can be incredibly powerful and, when leveraged correctly, can help transform your entire customer engagement strategy.

2. Networking events

Connecting with your customers personally is more important now than ever before, and networking events are a great way to do that. Now that virtual events have become the norm (for most teams, anyway), it’s easier than ever to connect with your customers through online channels, including:

  • Happy hours, game nights, and celebratory events
  • Round table discussions and feature launches
  • 1:1 meetings, executive fireside chats, and customer showcases

Given that customer marketing initiatives are ideally supposed to be all about the customer, they should be built around the kind of events that your customers will appreciate.

3. Customer advisory board

While a customer advisory board is a cross-functional initiative that is often driven from the top-down, customer marketing teams (and CSMs!) should own the logistics and coordination of these meetings. This is to ensure the board – and the customers selected for the board – is mutually beneficial and is meeting outlined objectives. CSMs can help ensure the participants are getting as much value as they are giving. In addition, CSMs can help select different types of customer accounts for a broader swath of viewpoints.

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