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CS100 Summit 2019—Customer Success Leaders Call for Speakers

CS100 Summit 2019—Call for Speakers

We are excited to announce the call for speakers for the upcoming 2019 CS100 Summit for Customer Success Leaders. The CS100 Summit is known for the best customer success leadership content in the industry. It’s speakers present techniques, strategies, models, metrics, and real-world applications around customer success. We’re looking for 2019 CS100 Summit speakers and panelists who can share innovative insights and practical best practices on customer success.

In addition to customer success practitioners, we’re also looking for CEO’s, VC’s and other thought leaders with relevant and engaging ideas or inspiring stories to tell about customer success. Feel free to nominate yourself, someone you know, or even a favorite speaker you’ve heard before.

Speaker Submissions Deadline is May 31, 2019

Submit Your Speaking Topic or Nominate Someone

Here is an example of a CS100 Summit Presentation

What is the CS100 Summit?

The CS100 Summit provides customer success executives an exclusive learning environment with like-minded executives in a pristine location to create an atmosphere of inspiration, ideation, strategy, and real-world application around customer success.

4th Annual CS100 Summit

The 4th Annual CS100 Summit will be held in beautiful Sundance, Utah, September 9-11, 2019, at the Sundance Mountain Resort. The CS100 Summit is the premier customer success conference that brings together top executives, leaders, and innovators in customer success.

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CS100 Summit Testimonials—Experience It Yourself

“I walked away from CS100 even more committed to improving our customer experience company wide. There was practical and specific content that we will apply to our unique situation. There were also general concepts that triggered ideas, sometimes unrelated to the topic, that will have a positive impact on company direction. Overall this changed the lens that we will look through as we improve the customer experience.” – Lincoln Hall, COO, Briostack

“Having been in customer success for years, I have been tempted with the stupid thought that there aren’t any good, new ideas to improve our teams and customers’ experience. CS100 shattered that thought, and I’m now sifting through my pages of notes, deciding what new ideas to test first.” – Andrew Stapeton, VP of Customer Success, G2

“We spend every single day with our heads down and turned to our customers, which is exactly why we are successful. But every once in awhile we get to take a few days to spend invaluable time with other industry leading experts who teach, challenge, & invigorate us in ways that propel our journeys going forward. CS100 gives us those magical days that allow us to rethink, revive & validate what we are doing in customer success. As industry leaders and experts, it is our duty to our customer & our employees to take the time, and bring the value full circle.” – Whitney Daily, Global Head, Cloud Renewals, SAP

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