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Best Customer Onboarding Software: What to Look for in Reviews

For some customer success teams, looking for new customer onboarding software can be a long, multi-faceted process. For every great recommendation there is a negative review out there somewhere. And in the world of customer success, vendor recommendations are paramount.

The right customer onboarding platform is extremely important to the long-term success of a business, so finding the solution that works best for your team is key. And while the best place to look for winning platforms is through peer networks and recommendations, there are specific points customer success leaders should look for in onboarding software reviews.

Here are some key features to look for in onboarding software reviews:

1. Longevity of customer account:

While it’s easy for a new customer glowing with new vendor happiness to write a review, look for reviews written by long-term customers. One of the biggest indicators of a great product is long-term customers who are still, after all these years, willing to recommend the solution to others.

2. Indication of a great working relationship:

Although most customer onboarding experiences aren’t really known for being a time of relationship building between a customer and a vendor, any mention of the relationship with a vendor in a review is a great indicator that a vendor organization is willing to expand and optimize its platform for a customer. If an onboarding software review mentions a vendor going above and beyond for a specific customer need, then you know it’s a good partner company as well as a great product.

3. Different products in use:

Speaking of products, pay close attention to any mention of specific products that are mentioned in an onboarding software review. If a customer is using different products from the same vendor – account tracking, communications, internal assignments, etc. – this means that they were so satisfied with one aspect that they were happy to extend their working relationship with this same organization.

4. Any mention of future plans:

And finally, reviews should look to the future. If a customer mentions anything about future plans or next steps with a vendor, it’s a sure sign that things are going well and that there is room for expansion. This typically means that a relationship is going well enough to warrant looking ahead to expansion and renewal.  

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